SweetLeaf®: The Pantry Staple of the 21st Century

Sugar has a long and constantly evolving relationship with humans. Because too much sugar in our bloodstream can be toxic, our bodies evolved to quickly convert sugar into fat. Early humans developed a craving for sugar, as the stored fat it supplied would keep us alive when food was scarce, would fuel our huge and rapidly evolving brains, and would provide energy in fight-or-flight situations.

That was long ago. Happily, those days of needing to outrun a saber-toothed tiger are over. Unfortunately, the ancient strategy our bodies still use—to eat sugar, store it as fat, and use it during a famine or emergencies—is not efficient in the 21st century.

In the 1800s, new methods of refining sugar made it affordable and plentiful. At the same time, the industrial and technological revolutions were automating many exhausting tasks once performed by humans. Over the decades, consumption of sugar skyrocketed while opportunities to naturally burn calories decreased. And that leaves us where we are today—a society plagued by obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, much of it caused by a substance we love but our bodies no longer need: sugar.

What the world needs is a new, 21st century strategy that recognizes we all have a sweet tooth and that we are no longer able to burn the calories we take in. What the world needs is SweetLeaf.

Replace sugar in foods, beverages, and recipes with SweetLeaf. Use SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener—either regular or organic—available in packets or a shaker jar to sprinkle on foods or in beverages. SweetLeaf will deliciously sweeten with no aftertaste. SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops®—in 2-oz. or 50ml bottles—sweetens recipes or drinks and comes in 16 popular flavors—from Berry and Chocolate to Valencia Orange and Vanilla Crème. Or, if you’d like to sweeten and add flavor to still or sparkling water, try SweetLeaf’s popular Water Drops®, which will keep you hydrated with six delicious blends.

Replacing sugar in recipes couldn’t be easier. Just use our convenient conversion chart or our online, interactive conversion calculator. If you still want the texture and bulk that sugar can provide when baking, keep SweetLeaf’s Better Than Sugar!® on hand. Better Than Sugar!® measures and bakes just like sugar and is made especially for baking.

Society has changed a great deal over the millennia. Because our bodies haven’t kept pace, it’s time we moved our diets into the 21st century by eliminating sugar and making SweetLeaf the new pantry staple.

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